Warning: This document is for an old version of IBM z/OS IMS Collection. The latest version is v1.0.0-beta3.


The sample playbooks that are included in the IBM z/OS IMS collection demonstrate how to use the collection content.

Playbook Documentation

An Ansible playbook consists of organized instructions that define work for a managed node (host) to be managed with Ansible.

A playbooks directory that contains a sample playbook is included in the IBM z/OS IMS collection. The sample playbook is for reference and can be run with the ansible-playbook command with some modification to the inventory, ansible.cfg and group_vars as well as updates to the module parameters to reference your IMS artifacts and configuration.

To get started with configuring your environment for running playbooks, see the sample configuration and setup section and the sample playbooks in the IBM z/OS core collection.

You can find the playbook content that is included with the collection in the same location where the collection is installed. For more information, refer to the installation documentation.

The sample playbook that is included in the IBM z/OS IMS collection demonstrates how to perform tasks using the modules included in the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM z/OS IMS collection. The sample does not demonstrate all of the available module options for the collection. To learn more about all the available options, refer to the ansible-doc or the module reference.