Warning: This document is for an old version of IBM z/OS core collection. The latest version is v1.2.0-beta.1.


A control node is any machine with Ansible installed. From the control node, you can run commands and playbooks from a laptop, desktop, or server machine. However, you cannot run IBM z/OS core collection on a Windows machine.

A managed node is often referred to as a target node, or host, and is the node that is managed by Ansible. Ansible does not need not need to be installed on a managed node, but SSH must be enabled.

The following nodes require specific versions of software:

Control node

Managed node

Python on z/OS

If the Ansible target is z/OS, you must install a python distribution ported for this platform. Rocket Software is currently the preferred version for z/OS.


  • Visit the Rocket Software homepage and create a required account in the Rocket Customer Portal.

  • Click Downloads on the top left portion the page.

  • Select the category z/OpenSource on left side panel.

  • Scroll and select Python.

  • Download the binaries, installations files, and the README.ZOS onto an x86 machine.

  • Transfer the zipped tarball (tar.gz) file to the target z/OS system and extract it according the instructions in the installation files.

  • Follow the additional setup instructions as described in the README.ZOS file.


IBM Z Open Automation Utilities provide support for executing automation tasks on z/OS. With ZOAU, you can run traditional MVS commands, such as IEBCOPY, IDCAMS, and IKJEFT01, as well as perform a number of data set operations in the scripting language of your choice.


  • For the ZOAU FMID, program directory, fix list, latest PTF, installation and configuration, refer to the ZOAU product page.